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The Life Detectives started as an idea born of frustration and grew into a proven model combining only the best bits of Life Coaching and Counseling.

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Investigate your life in 3 stages

Learn to be a detective and find the clues to why you think and behave as you do.


How did I get here?

Start with six hour long sessions to find how the past controls the present and programmes the future. Uncover your Defining Moments and the Automatic Negative Thoughts that write the script of your life.


Where am I now?

Three sessions to rewrite the scripts building better communications, increased self confidence and a more positive attitude leading to higher levels of happiness that last.


Where am I going?

Three more sessions; making it happen by discovering your true strengths and values and understanding your personality. Define the work you are born to do and set the right goals to make it all work.

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Looking after you...

You've done the work. You're part of the Life Detectives but the process doesn't stop there. It's an ongoing commitment.

At the end I'll give you a set of cards that will remind you of what you learned during the session. Keep these by you so can remember what it means to be a detective in your own life.

Need more help? No problem. Follow up is free for six months. If you're in the area we can meet for coffee - you can buy the buns!

The Life Detectives Process

The Life Detectives course is divided into 12 steps. At the end of our time together I'll give you a set of cards to remind you what each step was. If you want an advance look at what's on the cards just click on each of the cards to turn it over.

I believe the Life Detectives programme is extremely important and an impressive material which would be of enormous benefit to a wide number of people in the community. The material is research based, firmly rooted in personal experience and anecdotes and delivered in an entertaining and attractive way. I very much hope that these important truths and principles can be disseminated to as wide a group of people as possible.

Gary Streeter, MP

We offer many packages

Life Detectives Coaching is tailored to your own situation. If you want to concentrate on particular areas we have several packages to get you started. Click on the ones that interest you then get in touch for more information.

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching takes you through the stages of the Life Detectives Programme. Sessions last between an hour and ninety minutes usually one or two sessions per week.

We also offer one or two-day intensive programmes for people in a hurry. A combination of conversation and graded exercises will uncover the thoughts, events and relationships that make you who you are. Then we can go on to rewrite your script the way you want it.

Call us to book your first session and begin to create your new life.

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The Work You're Born to Do

When we are looking for our first career or even a change of career we usually begin by looking at jobs. But this is the wrong way round. Somewhere there is an area of work that is just made for you. It fits your personality, uses your strengths and confirms your values. It may not be the job you first think of. It may not match the subjects you were good at in school or college – but it matches you perfectly.

So to find the right work you first have to know yourself. Then you can understand the feelings that really satisfying work gives you. Only then can you write the job description form heaven and start looking for a job to match it.

Whether you want a new job or to make more of the one you have, contact us now and write the job description from heaven.

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Renewing Your Relationship

The right attitude, good relationships and a meaning in life: these are the three main ingredients for lasting happiness.

Good relationships are based on good communication; the oxygen of a relationship. This course will show you how to talk without talking down and listen without feeling criticised. Be assertive without being aggressive.

No two people are alike. To relate properly we need to learn how to celebrate our differences and not just put up with them. Relationships are not give and take. They are give and give. Learn the art of win-win.

This course is not just for spouses and partners. You can use it to improve all your relationships; siblings, parents, friends, teachers and co-workers – in fact any one you meet, however fleetingly. Get a happier life – call us for details.

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Man Hunt - Man Ordered from Heaven!

This is a fun evening with a serious edge.

You get the man you ask for. Where you go, what you wear and what you do and say are a huge advert for the man you want. Are you advertising for worms?

This light-hearted (but effective) guide will show you what kind of signals you're really giving out and why you attract the moths instead of the good guys. Remember, you get what you ask for so make sure you're asking for what you really want. Make sure you send the right signals and you'll get the right man.

Stop picking up worms – call us to find out to book a Manhunt evening for you and your friends.

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Does my bum look big in this?

Clothes are more than just covering. How you dress says a lot about you. Is it telling the truth? Discover your true personal style and how to create it in the clothes you wear.

We start by looking at your body image – what you think you look like. We'll spend some time on discovering and refining your personal style – how you want to be seen and what you're doing to present that image.

This short course starts on the inside because before you even look at clothes you need to take a good look at yourself.If you sometimes feel your clothes are wearing you, contact us to find out how you can get that look you've always wanted.

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The Life Detectives story

Life Detectives was born out of trauma and frustration.

In one short season my daughter left home, my favourite cat died and I had a recall notice from the cancer screen. It was the end of an era and looked like being the end.

I was a trained social worker and a bereavement counsellor and I didn't have the tools to cope. All my experience and training took me back into the past while I wanted reassurance that there was a future. I looked at the self help stuff but that was all about changing "in a heartbeat" - forget the past - set the goals and go for it. None of it told me why I was feeling like there was no future to set goals for or what to do about it.

And so began the search and the study; a degree in psychology, diplomas in life coaching, Transactional Analysis, and NLP; a City and Guilds Certificate in adult teaching, another in interior design and even a City and Guilds in Barista Skills (for fun).

I love detective stories and watching how clues in the present can reconstruct what happened in the past.

Put them all togther with over 15 years' counselling experience and you have – The Life Detectives.

Photo of Anne

My wife and I planned a new life in Devon. Then she was diagnosed with cancer and died seven months later. I was very lucky indeed to be given Anne's phone number. I learned many things about myself and why I am the person I am today - as well as being reassured that my grief for my wife was normal. Once I would have said I don't need coaching but now I know that it can make a huge difference.

Alan, Airline Captain

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